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Sweden’s Own Cologne Scandal: Alleged Officer-Led Coverup Of Sexual Assaults By Migrants


Authorities in Sweden are investigating the potential cover-up of more than 30 documented claims of sexual assault which reportedly occurred in connection with the “We Are Sthlm” festival in 2014 and 2015. Via Washington Post: The alleged cover-up prompted a strong statement from Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. “It’s a double …

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Tennessee: Two high ranking cops caught stealing $175,000 from police training non-profit

Washington County, Tennessee's Gary Bradley

On Monday the taxpayer-funded nonprofit Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association asked Comptroller for an investigation into questionable payouts.  The Washington County sheriff’s major, Gary Bradley and retired Sparta police lieutenant arrested, Robert Hall were charged and indicted.  The officers were then serving as treasurer and project director of TLETOA respectively.  It …

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Women in Tech: Study shows 60% of Silicon Valley women experience sexual harassment at work


The latest study from ElephantInTheValley.Com surveyed more than 200 women who have worked in Silicon Valley for at least 10 years.  Their results are unequivocally negative for women in these careers.  60% of women have been sexually harassed at work, 65% of whom  were subject to unwanted sexual advances from …

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What is a “complementarian” and why are women concerned about Marco Rubio’s new advisor?

Sen. Marco Rubio (Scott Olson, Getty Images)

Last week Marco Rubio announced the formation of a new religious liberty advisory board in his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.  Among the fifteen members, Wayne Grudem stands out as the leader of “complementarianism,” a movement he created. Slate: “Within American evangelicalism, there are two broad camps when it …

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Are Baltimore Prosecutors Intentionally Mishandling/Delaying The Trials Of Freddie Gray’s Alleged Killers?


We’ve consistently seen our criminal justice system behave much more benevolently when the defendants are law enforcement officers: Are the Freddie Gray trials just the latest example? Via Slate: Jury selection in the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the van in which Freddie Gray was allegedly killed, lasted …

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NY Daily News/Shaun King: American police killed, brutalized so many people that it’s hard to keep up

Credit: Andrew Schwartz/NY Daily News

At what point do we as a society look in the mirror and realize that progress isn’t inevitable? At what point do we realize that direct actions are needed to bring about real, lasting change for all Americans brutalized by our criminal justice/law enforcement systems? Immediately, we can only hope… …

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Time-warp? GOP’s Rhetoric On Race and Diversity Hearkens Back To 1964, Further Isolates Them In A Changing America


Time and again, we’ve heard prominent members of the GOP make racially charged comments when discussing crime, gun violence, immigration, and social policies. We roll our eyes, we laugh, we look the other way, or most typically, we subvert a combination of all three. It’s the GOP’s awkward elephant (pun …

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