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This Week In Anti-Islamic Crime

A suspicious fire in a Houston mosque is under investigation as arson and possible hate crime after it began shortly after the conclusion of services on Christmas Day.  The mosque suffered significant damage but no people were injured.

Saturday morning an elderly Sikh man was attacked by two people in Fresno.  Meanwhile, a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window and exploded in the Islamic Center of Tracy, California during worship services.  There has not yet been an arrest, yet congregants are certain the attack was a bigoted hate crime.

Saturday evening in Brooklyn, four Muslim men were chased down the street by an Israeli man yelling anti-Muslim threats.  He is reported to have screamed, “I want to see the blood of Muslims on the streets!” and has been charged with menacing for the suspected hate crime.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations counts upwards of 70 such attacks on Muslims and their institutions this year.

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