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Credit: Slate
Credit: Slate

Addicting Info: SIX Republican Lawmakers Have Quietly Met With The Bundy Militia In Oregon

The same Republicans who have no problem blasting President Obama for being ‘divisive’ and ‘soft’ on terrorism have met/negotiated with domestic terrorists.  Should we really be surprised at this point?

Via Addicting Info: 

When Cliven Bundy was engaged in an armed standoff against federal authorities in 2014 on his Nevada ranch, Republicans like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and a host of others threw their support squarely behind the criminal. Now, less than two years later, his sons are engaged in an armed occupation of a federal wildlife reserve in Oregon and six GOP lawmakers from various states have gone to meet them to applaud the latest criminal act waged by far-right, anti-government extremists.

Rep. Dallas Heard (R-OR) recently brought in a group of out-of-state lawmakers to meet with the Bundy Militia, against the recommendations of law enforcement officials. The other five Republicans include Reps. Graham Hunt and Matt Shea of Washington; Reps. Judy Boyle, Heather Scott and Sage Dixon of Idaho. Another GOP fool, Rep. Michelle Fiore of Nevada, took part in the meeting by telephone. Fiore, if you remember, is the same lawmaker who said she would like to shoot Syrian refugees. A real gem.

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