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Exposed: Bundy Operation Costing County Taxpayers 70K Daily

As we continue to allow armed terrorists to occupy a publicly funded building, costs for the county taxpayers are beginning to mount.

Via Think Progress:

Although the armed occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge facility may seem to have done little more than camp out with guns and demand snacks, their continuing occupation is costing taxpayers dearly.

Local and federal government facilities have had to be closed, keeping public employees unable to complete their work. Harney County, which houses the preserve, schools were closed last week, adding teachers to the list of employees on paid leave and preventing students from learning. Police and security has been brought in to protect the townspeople from the armed militiamen — who have threatened law enforcement and other county officials. The occupied reserve, a valuable tourist attraction for the area, is closed to recreators. All of those costs and losses add up.

Cost to the County: $70,000 Per Day


America the brave – who doesn’t bat an eye at brutalizing unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters, whose presidential candidates repeatedly talk about carpet bombing the Middle East, whose criminal justice system thinks nothing of letting thousands of people die each year in police custody awaiting trial – apparently has no problem patiently waiting until the terrorists give up while John Q Taxpayer foots the bill.

Full Story – Think Progress


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