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Family sues over death of Tenn. man left hog-tied in police custody

July of last year Troy Goode of Memphis attended a rock concert with his wife in Southaven, Mississippi.  As the wife, Kelli Goode was driving her LSD-intoxicated husband home and made a stop, a woman saw him acting erratically and notified police.  According to the charges Mrs. Goode is bringing against the officers, her husband had said “Ok, I’ll go” and had his hands up when an officer opened the vehicle and a dog was released, which the officers allowed to attack.  As the man struggled to get up during the dog attack, the officer tasered him in the back and hog-tied him.

Hog-tying is known to restrict breathing, yet Goode was held in these restraints on the way to the hospital to be treated for the dog bites.  The wife alleges that it was immediately clear her husband was having trouble breathing, yet a medical examiner ruled his subsequent death as “LSD toxicity,” a troubling determination considering there have been no known cases in the history of the substance where even the most extraordinary doses have resulted in a fatality due to toxicity.   Will the courts uphold a fictional diagnosis to protect the interests of law enforcement or uphold the wife’s claim that these officers were criminally negligent?

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