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Photo Credit: Raw Story/Youtube
Photo Credit: Raw Story/Youtube

Donald Trump Unapologetically Retweets White Supremacist Content

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised at this point. Donald Trump has called Mexicans rapists, Blacks lazy, and anybody who questions his self-proclaimed greatness losers. He has run a campaign built on hatred, division, and propagandist fear-mongering.

It wasn’t even a surprise when we previously reported that white supremacists were actively campaigning for him to win the Iowa caucus.

Now, un-apologetically stooping even lower, he has just retweeted a graphic that digs at Jeb Bush from a known White Supremacist.

Via Raw Story:

The tweet originated from an account called @WhiteGenocideTM, which is promoting a pro-Hitler movie called, The Greatest Story Never Told. The trailer for the film calls Hitler the “saviour of Europe.” The website also includes an interview with Holocaust-denier Ursula Haverbeck.

One of the many troubling tweets from the account is an animated picture of Donald Trump dressed as a Nazi, about to gas potential Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders is Jewish.

Full Story – Raw Story

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