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Photo Credit: ABC News
Photo Credit: ABC News

Michele Bachmann Claims That Muslims Are ‘Nuking Western Civilization With Rape’

Appearing Saturday on the “End Of Times” conservative radio program hosted by Ian Markell and Eric Barger, Michele Bachmann claimed that Islamic terrorists and Muslim Americans don’t need nuclear bombs to destroy Western Civilization because they have “rape culture.”

Ignoring the fact that rape culture persists, well, everywhere in the world (including and especially among White Christians), the former Republican Lawmaker discussed Muslim immigration into Western Europe and the United States with her typically xenophobic/Islamophobic attitude.

These inflammatory remarks come one week after she suggested that Obama will somehow become the anti-christ after leaving the White House.

Shamefully, she referred to Syrian refugees (many of whom are Christian) escaping the throngs of a genocidal dictator and an a terrorist regime as a “planned invasion.”

Via Raw Story:

“This clearly is an invasion,” Bachmann said. “This is a planned invasion, not only in Europe but also in the United States, I believe for the specific purpose of destroying Western Christendom.”

She suggested the United States and Western European nations close their borders to migrants, praising a 1924 law signed by President Calvin Coolidge that strictly limited immigration from all nations except historically Anglo-Saxon countries.

“The more that come in, the more they act upon their religious convictions and their stated religious convictions,” Bachmann said. “The imams from the original countries that they come from, they recruit and send these guys to come in and to bring about this destruction. Right now in Europe it’s called a ‘rape culture’ that’s coming into Sweden and Germany and all across Europe for the specific purpose of Islamizing these countries, and they are falling.”

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