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Jeffrey Lee Schulmerich
Jeffrey Lee Schulmerich

Former Officer Arrested In Houston County On Valentine’s Day For Felony Aggravated Stalking–For The Second Time!

Houston County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Jeffrey Lee Schulmerich, 51, a former Dothan police officer on Valentine’s Day and charged him with felony aggravated stalking. According to Sheriff’s Capt. Antonio Gonzalez, deputies served Schulmerich with a felony warrant on Sunday for a previous event that did not happen on Valentine’s Day.

Few details have been released about the crime, but this is the second time Schulmerich has been arrested in the past year.  He was an officer at the Webb Police Department in February 2015 when he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor third-degree domestic violence.  After the arrest, Webb Police Chief Jimmy Holley said, the disgraced officer was placed on administrative leave and then gave his resignation.

The police misconduct watchdog CopBlock also uncovered Schulmerich’s involvement in an excessive force lawsuit when he was an officer in Dothan, Alabama, in which was ultimately acquitted.

“Why are cops like officer Schulmerich given so many chances to keep their badges after being accused, arrested, and convicted of violent crimes – crimes that are often against women and children?” blogger Steven Thomas writes. “Both of his previous employers had ample warning. Despite his two most recent arrests, officer Schulmerich was named as a defendant in an excessive force lawsuit in 2010.”

The incident involved a woman who was tased severely by Schulmerich while she was tied to a gurney:

As Ms. Borton was wheeled into the emergency room still strapped to the gurney, Officer Schulmerich, without warning, tased her on her right leg … again with no warning, Officer Schulmerich tased Ms. Borton a second time, while she was still tied down to the gurney … he tased her left leg “so long that it burned it so bad that [she] thought she was being electrocuted … She estimated that this second tasing lasted “well over a minute”.

Had Officer Schulmerich not ultimately been acquitted, Thomas says, he could not have gone on to repeatedly abuse and stalk women.

For now, Schulmerich remains in county jail.

Source: Dothan Eagle

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