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Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, and the idea of Bono never performing again are all things that excite me. And yes, my grandma is cooler than yours. Say hi sometime on twitter @Aciminello
Credit: Slate

Addicting Info: SIX Republican Lawmakers Have Quietly Met With The Bundy Militia In Oregon

The same Republicans who have no problem blasting President Obama for being ‘divisive’ and ‘soft’ on terrorism have met/negotiated with domestic terrorists.  Should we really be surprised at this point? Via Addicting Info:  When Cliven Bundy was engaged in an armed standoff against federal authorities in 2014 on his Nevada ranch, …

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Pope Benedict XVI (AFP)
Credit: Raw Story/International Business Times

International Business Times/Raw Story: More than 200 children were abused in choir run by Pope Benedict’s brother

Via International Business Times/Raw Story: A lawyer says the number of children sexually or physically abused by priests while serving in a choir run by Pope Emeritus Benedict’s brother at their Catholic school in the German city of Regensburg totals 231. That’s more than three times as many cases as had been reported …

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Photo Credit: Clutchmagonline.com

Black Lives Matter “Peoples Monday” Action Marches For India Kager In Manhattan, 1 Arrested

NYC Shut It Down (Black Lives Matter:NYC)  resumed their weekly Peoples Monday demonstrations in 2016, convening in Grand Central last evening to protest the killing of India Kager, a 27 year old Navy veteran and mother of two young boys.  She was unarmed and driving with her boyfriend, Angelo Perry, …

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Credit: Newsone

“I’m Gonna Get That N****” – No Indictments For Mississippi Officer Who Fatally Strangled Unarmed Black Man

Via Newsone: “A grand jury in Clarke County, Mississippi has decided not to charge a police officer in the death of Jonathan Sanders, an unarmed Black man who was placed in a chokehold by officer Kevin Herrington last summer. The Clarion-Ledger reports Herrington had reasonable suspicion that Sanders was involved with drug activity, and excessive force …

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Credit: Polaris

Daughter Of Eric Garner: The Only Cop Being Charged In My Father’s Murder Is Being Charged Because She’s Black

Via Erica Garner: “My father, Eric Garner, was killed by New York Police Department officer Daniel Pantaleo a year and a half ago, but last week marks the department’s first official charge of wrongdoing in his case. The charge was not made against Pantaleo, the officer who placed my father …

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NYPD Cop Exposed For Extorting Thousands Of Dollars From Local Businesses In Queens

Via Truth Voice: “A Staten Island cop pleaded guilty Tuesday to shaking down the owner of a Queens pizzeria for illegal “protection” money, federal authorities said. Besnik Llakatura also copped to extorting $1,000 per week from the operator of two social clubs in Astoria. Llakatura, 37, and two co-conspirators, carried …

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Al Jazeera Screenshot/ The Root

Racist Systems Perpetuates Contaminated Drinking Water In Flint, Michigan

Via The Root: “Tainted water is poisoning thousands of children in the predominantly African-American city of Flint, Mich. The high levels of lead in Flint’s water may create a plethora of serious, long-term health problems including brain damage, behavioral troubles, anemia and kidney problems. On Wednesday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder …

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