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If All Lives Matter, Don’t Tell Me About Alton Sterling’s Criminal History, Explain To Me Why He’s Dead For Selling CDs

Alton Sterling was unarmed and selling CD's when Baton Rouge officers fatally shot him Tuesday morning.  Credit: Daily Beast

On Race and White America’s sickening obsession with dehumanizing the dead.   “He’s got a gun!” a Baton Rouge officer says, prompting his partner into an all-too-familiar position. “You f*****g move, I swear to God,” says the second officer. It’s been less than twenty-four hours since 37-year-old Alton Sterling, a …

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“They ought to pay us to burn crosses in neighborhoods,” Shocking New Audio Reveals Ohio Cops Mocked Trayvon Martin’s Killing With Cross-Burning Jokes And Racial Slurs

Sheriff Lanny North (Hocking County Sheriff's Office)

Deputy is still on the job despite recordings of him repeatedly using racial slurs to mock Martin’s death.   In scenes somewhat reminiscent of a racist texting scandal that has shaken the San Francisco Police Department, public officials in Hocking County, Ohio, are reeling after audio has surfaced as part …

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SCOTUS Throws Out Death Sentence To Timothy Foster Because Jury Selection Racially Discriminated

Former state and federal prosecutors are urging the Supreme Court to invalidate Foster's conviction because of "blatant prosecutorial misconduct." They point to study after study showing that when it comes to getting rid of racial discrimination, the current system doesn't work.
Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR

SCOTUS rules 7-1 in Foster v Georgia that the defendant’s conviction in 1986 was a “blatant prosecutorial misconduct,” violates 6th amendment.   The Supreme Court ruled Monday morning to give Georgia inmate Timothy Foster new life by finding that prosecutors unconstitutionally barred any potential black jurors from serving on his trial almost …

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On George Zimmerman’s Nauseating Need For Attention And America’s Nauseating Need To Isolate: One Blogger Perfectly Walks The Line Between Over-Exposure And The Blatant Truths White People Refuse To Hear

Black Lives Matter demonstrators powerfully display the difference in state violence across racial lines. Credit: Odyssey Online

“We have been killing, and banking on the death of Black lives for as long as we’ve been a country.” I woke this morning to familiarly disgusting news. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchmen who was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin in July of 2013, was again trending as the result of purportedly …

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F.B.I. Director Once Again Blames People Monitoring Police For Police Misconduct

The F.B.I. director, James Comey, has drawn criticism for his remarks about the tactics used by the police. Credit T.J. Kirkpatrick for The New York Times

James Comey continues to cling to “Ferguson Effect” false narrative to rationalize improper policing while fellow officers denounce the claim as unproven and divisive The director of the F.B.I. once again referenced the controversial “Ferguson Effect” Wednesday, saying that he believed “less aggressive policing was driving an alarming spike in …

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Private Autopsy Finds Unarmed Detroit Man Was Fatally Shot 5-6 Times By Dearborn Police, Including One From “Very Close Range”

A protestor holds a sign while marching with civil rights groups and community members on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn on Monday January 4, 2016 while protesting the recent fatal shooting of 35-year-old Detroit resident Kevin Matthews by a Dearborn police officer.   Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press

Kevin Matthews was unarmed and killed in an encounter with Dearborn Police on Dec. 23 Kevin Matthews, a Detroit man who was killed by Dearborn police two days before Christmas, was shot 5-6 times, including one from “very close range” according to a private autopsy report obtained exclusively by the Detroit …

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