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Photo Credit: Mediate
Photo Credit: Mediate

Mediate: Fox News Guest Says Black Americans are ‘Poorer, Dumber and More Criminalized’

Ah, casual racism in the media rears its ugly head once again. Once again, the source is our favorite culprit and never ending melange of white privilege, Fox News!

Employing the “I can’t be racist I have a black friend” and  “It didn’t come from me, but a black person so it’s all good” strategies, Fox News without apology aired a segment self-righteously implying that Black Americans (along with Democrats, of course!) are solely to blame for their own injustices. Because, you know, teeny little things like redlining, segregation, mass incarceration, and underfunded schools had nothing to do with it, except of course if they involve democratic mayors.

Via Mediate:

On Monday morning’s Fox and Friends, a featured guest told an approving Steve Doocy that black Americans are “poorer, dumber, and more criminalized,” but don’t worry, folks. It’s not racist because the guest was black, and she was blaming Democrats for all the poor, dumb, murdering blacks.

I’m kidding, of course. Not about the guest, author and ConservativeBlackChick.com proprietor Crystal Wright, who is black, but about the remarks, which are racist. Racist AF.

Doocy kicked things off with a “joke” about how Wright should be a Democrat (because black), before allowing Wright to go into her patter about how black Americans are poorer, dumber, and more criminalized because of that dreaded Democrat Party. Along the way, Wright evokes the favorite racist “blacks are killing each other” trope, which would only be true if every black murder victim were also a murderer, but never really gets around to explaining how the Democrats made all those blacks so dumb and murder-y:

So, in conclusion: Democrats are running one massive scam on Black Americans and all minorities are fools for believing them.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they deserve their current state of economic, social, and cultural oppression.

Victim blaming at its finest, folks. I’d love to hear her thoughts on victims of sexual assault who dress “too provocatively.”

Full Story – Mediate


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