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Photo Credit: Counter Current News
Photo Credit: Counter Current News

‘I Don’t Care About Your People’ Dashcam Footage Shows White Cop Bullying Black Driver

A Georgia Cop recently told a black driver “I don’t care about your people” and “Go back to Fulton County cuz, you’re pissing me off” simply in response to the driver asking if he was free to go after receiving a speeding ticket. The response from Cobb County Police? Not much, as it turns out.

Via Counter Current News

The bizarre incident of overt racism came out of the blue during a traffic stop. Far from denying it, the department tells us that officer Maurice Lawson did in fact say this, and that he has been disciplined and reassigned.

The footage is from a November 16 traffic stop that occurred at around 2am. That’s when Brian Baker, 33, was pulled over for a “traffic violation” that was a dubious pretext at best for the stop.

But Baker isn’t the one being cited now. Cobb County police Capt. J.D. Adcock said that an investigation found Lawson had violated the department’s code of conduct during the stop, in an Atlanta suburb.

So once again, we see the very people sworn to protect us operate with callous disregard for its community.

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