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Credit: Fox News
Credit: Fox News

Fox News reporter Crystal Wright’s opening Black History Month faux pas: “Blacks Have Shown A Slavish Support For The Democratic Party”

The steadying, constant flow of Fox News’ casual (and, in many cases, overt) racism never comes as much of a surprise.

Whether it’s Brian Kilmeade asking a black correspondent if she makes her own kool-aid, Crystal Wright telling her audience the Black Americans are ‘dumber, more criminalized’ because of the democratic party, or just the constant stream of insults thrown at President Obama, Fox News has always had zero issues with tapping into America’s most ugly side.

So, earlier this morning, it came with little shock when Fox hosted Wright on its program again to kick off Black History Month, and she used the opportunity to blast black voters for their “slavish support” of the democratic party.

Via Salon:

Guest and conservative pundit Crystal Wright (aka GOPBlackChick) began by arguing that Donald Trump is the only Republican presidential candidate credibly suited to compete for the African American vote, citing his plans for mass deportation as a boon to blacks and applauding the billionaire frontrunner for not “pander[ing]” to Black Lives Matter.

Having black conservatives on their show to downplay the effects of structural racism while simultaneously clinging to the false narrative the issue somehow solely is the democrats fault instead of, you know, white people everywhere is really nothing new to the overall position of Fox News when it comes to discussing race in America.

Nonetheless, this is an lower debasement of their journalistic integrity and blatant impartiality given its intentional scheduling for the beginning of Black History Month. There’s no question that democratic policies have repeatedly failed Black America, and indeed one could make the argument that their negligence is more shameful given the vital role that black voters play in securing democratic victories.

This is not in question, and must absolutely be addressed, however to specifically target this day as an opportunity to politicize the struggles that black people face every day, and even worse to somehow pretend the GOP has an honest plan of addressing these continued oppressions, represents the lowest level of dishonest reporting.

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