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Photo Credit: Reuters
Photo Credit: Reuters

Maryland High School Student Makes Video Slamming Black Lives Matter, Says “Who Cares About Some Black Man Who Dies?”

Well, if it feels like we’ve written this story before, it’s because practically every week it takes on a different iteration.

Previously, it was high school students in Phoenix taking a senior photo with a racial slur, and today its a white Maryland high school student making a video criticizing Black Lives Matter, which quickly devolves into him saying things like “who the [expletive] cares about some black man who dies?” and “Black lives do not matter because they are an inferior race, okay?” 

Sigh. As first reported by the Washington Post,  the student attends Mount Hebron High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, roughly about 14 miles outside of Baltimore in Howard County.

Disturbingly, the video concludes with the unnamed student grabbing a five-dollar bill and incredulously holding it up to the camera to display the face of President Lincoln, saying “This guy is a traitor to the white race.

Come again? The man who freed the slaves – who was once quoted as saying he would not have done so if it wasn’t necessary to preserve the union – is a traitor?

While the video was quickly denounced by local school officials, it is part of a recent string of racially charged videos and online rants made in response to the growing Black Lives Matter movement around the country. In November, in response to the hunger strike which saw the removal of President Tim Wolfe from the University of Missouri, a student went on the anonymous message board 4chan threatening to kill all Howard University students, saying “After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.

Later that month, white Supremacists opened fire at a Black Lives Matter occupation in Minneapolis following the death of Jamar Clark, wounding five.

As the backlash continued to grow, naturally, the student quickly took to facebook to reassure the world that he’s not a racist, and that he hopes “to learn from this mistake as well as not let it define who I am as a person.”

Well, glad we got to the bottom of that one! I’m sure we all look forward to creeps redacting their rants about racial superiority as much as our next jury summons, but Injustice.In is not buying one word of this halfhearted apology.

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