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Photo Credit: Raw Story/KATU screen grab
Photo Credit: Raw Story/KATU screen grab

Portland Coach Humiliates Black Players By Forcing White Teammates To Touch Them “So They Aren’t Afraid”

Pat Adelman, a boys high school basketball coach in Portland, Oregon, and the son of former Trail Blazers coach Rick Adelman has come under fire this week after objectifying two of his black players by demanding his white players touch them so that fear of black skin would not affect their performance on the court.

As first reported by the Willamette Week, four parents of students at Lincoln High School complained that their children had been humiliated and objectified during the bizarrely offensive lesson on race.

The complaint describes how Adelman exploded at his players during a halftime tirade and told them that they were losing because the white players were “afraid to touch black students.”

Huh? Say again?

Via Willamette Week:

“Does that make you like black people now?” Adelman reportedly asked. “Well, do you keep a flashlight handy when you have sleepovers with them?”

Laurie Wimmer, who is one of the parents and a lobbyist for the Oregon Education Association, contacted Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith directly when she learned of the incident, Willamette Week reported.

“When it is brought to the attention of a student of color that they are considered by the white world to be ‘outsiders,’ as Coach Adelman did in this outrageous act, that is something that cannot be undone,” Wimmer and other parents stated in the complaint. “Forever after [the students] will be, to their teammates and in their own eyes, ‘black’ and ‘other.’ Not ‘Lincoln students.’

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