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Autopsy Shows Mario Woods Shot At Least 20 Times

Mario Woods, the Bay Area man whose fatal shooting by the police was recorded in a series of disturbing videos, was found to have been shot at least twenty times by the San Francisco police, autopsy results showed Thursday.

The report showed that Woods died from gunshots to his back, head, buttocks, legs, and hands.

Woods had been suspected of being involved in an earlier stabbing, and five officers attempted to subdue him using pepper spray and beanbags before opening fire.

The autopsy also shows that Woods had a “volatile combination” of methamphetamine, marijuana, cough medicine, antidepressants, nicotine and caffeine in his system at the time of his death, as first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Attorney John Burris has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the San Francisco Police Department on behalf of Woods and family, saying the autopsy proves that the shooting was excessive and unnecessary. The department has a volatile history of racism within its precincts.

Following Woods’ death, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr stated that the video supported officers’ original reports following the incident. that Woods approached them with the knife before being shot, while San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee  was quoted in a press conference in December saying that Woods should have “dropped the damn knife.”

Woods’ death resurfaced nationally this past weekend during Superbowl 50, held in San Francisco, after a video was posted to social media showing Beyoncé’s backup dancers holding a sign in solidarity saying “Justice for Mario Woods.”

The Department of Justice announced earlier this month that it would review allegations of misconduct in SFPD following Woods’ death.

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  1. cops4trump.com/links.html lists sanfranciscopolice.org as a sponsor. Main page of website advocates executing anybody labeled as a criminal anywhere anytime. SF police may have used this as the reason to murder Mario Woods.