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Thousands Rally In Support Of Convicted Cop Peter Liang, Quote MLK JR As Evidence Of “Injustice”

Thousands of Chinese-Americans protested on the lawn of the plaza near the courthouse in Brooklyn where Peter Liang was convicted in the fatal shooting of Akai Gurley, crying out over what they saw as a double standard within the enforcement of police misconduct. Many feel that Liang was “sacrificed” by the NYPD as a response to the larger cries for police reform because of his Chinese ethnicity.

Chanting “No scapegoat! No scapegoat!” and carrying signs bearing similar messages, Chinese-American communities from around the Tri-State Area joined to take place in a demonstration for Officer Liang.

Liang’s conviction has gripped many in New York City’s Chinese-American communities; amidst an ongoing discussion about race and law enforcement in the wake countless high-profile police shootings, many in the community felt that Liang had been singled out because of his ethnicity.  They have consistently argued that Liang is a victim himself of systemic racism.

Yet Saturday the protest got increasingly uglier.

Via prominent Black Lives Matter organizer Keegan Stephan:

When the Gurley family heard news of the protest, Akai Gurley’s aunt Hertencia Petersen, better known as Auntie Gurley, quickly organized a counter-protest and released this statement:


While many at the protest expressed sympathy for the Gurley family – signs that read “1 tragedy, 2 victims” were commonplace – when Auntie Gurley’s counter-protest arrived, they were immediately booed.


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