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Conor Ralph/The Flint Journal
Conor Ralph/The Flint Journal

UPDATE: Legionnaires’ Disease now found in Flint’s already contaminated water

The Department of Health and Human Services in Michigan has launched an investigation into the possibility that the water supply of Flint, Michigan which was found earlier to contain rust and lead poisoning possibly also harbors another contaminant: Legionnaires’ disease.

Elevated lead levels have been found in Flint’s water supply after the source was temporarily changed from Detroit’s municipal supply to the Flint River. It is unclear if the Legionnaires’ cases are linked to the water crisis but Michigan health officials said they were looking into the possibility.

“While Legionellosis cases are not uncommon, we are concerned about the increase in cases seen in Genesee County,” Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive with the MDHHS, said in a statement today. “We are releasing this report and continuing surveillance and investigations to ensure that appropriate actions are being taken to protect the health of the residents of Flint.”  — ABC News

So far, 10 fatal cases of the disease have been documented. Read more at the Washington Post.


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