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Travis Dove for The New York Times
Travis Dove for The New York Times

Hillary Clinton Private Email Said To Have Content Which Exceeds ‘Top Secret’

An ongoing review of Hillary Clinton’s private email server by intelligence officials has found content which exceeds the ‘Top Secret’ level of classification.

According a letter dated last Thursday from the agencies inspector general, some of the information has been determined to be “top secret/SAP” a designation typically given to information shrouded in the highest levels of government secrecy.

Via NY Times:

The letter to Congress, from I. Charles McCullough III, the inspector general for the nation’s intelligence agencies, provides no specifics about the classified material. It is not clear from the letter whether Mrs. Clinton sent or received the emails, nor how many contained the classified information.

Last year, the intelligence agencies found after the fact that two of Mrs. Clinton’s emails contained information that was “top secret.” The State Department disputed the determination, but it prompted an F.B.I. investigation into whether such information had been mishandled in connection with Mrs. Clinton’s account. By law, classified information is not allowed outside government computer servers. The government has said that Mrs. Clinton is not a subject of the investigation.

The letter was sent to the Republican chairmen of the Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees. It was not made public.

Whether this new update on a year-long saga will affect her standing coming on the heals of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary is, of course, presently unknown; however, it underscores a continual perception of mistrust among Democratic and Independent voters at a time when Bernie Sanders is surging in many new polls.

Full Story – NY Times

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