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Photo Credit: Filming Cops
Photo Credit: Filming Cops

Phoenix Police Blatantly Ignore Evidence Of Child Abuse

A new report has surfaced claiming that the Marshal’s Offices in two towns on the Arizona/Utah border failed to properly investigate child abuse and complete timely reports, as testified by an expert witness for a Justice Department investigation.

Colorado City, Ariz and Hildale, Utah, both of which are comprised of majority Mormon populations, were sued by the Department of Justice in 2012, accusing them of denying non-church members access to police protection, water, and electricity. Even more incredulously, both towns and their law enforcement did so knowing that the local sects leader, Warren Jeffs, was a known pedophile and polygamist, having sexually assaulted and married two 12 and 15 year old girls.

Via Filming Cops:

Joseph De Lopez, a former deputy superintendent for the Chicago Police Department hired to review policies of the Colorado City Marshal’s Office, told the jury the towns’ Marshal Office did not investigate reports that town members married underage girls.

“Not only should there be an Internal Affairs investigation if it involves an officer, but a criminal investigation,” De Lopez testified.

On Wednesday, the towns’ former Chief Marshal Helaman Barlow testified that the Marshal’s Office ignored claims of underage marriages.

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