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Photo credit: Raymond Schwab
Photo credit: Raymond Schwab

US Veteran Raymond Schwab’s children taken away over medical marijuana

United States veteran and father of six Raymond Schwab had five of his children taken by the State of Kansas while he was trying to move to Colorado to grow medical marijuana. Raymond like his fellow veterans after serving years in the rigors of active duty suffers from PTSD. The US Department of Health has declined to comment on the case, the State of Kansas is upholding its custody of the children on grounds of suspicion of child endangerment.

Schwab says that one of the relatives caring for his children (whom he declines to name) took them to the police station, saying their parents had abandoned them to go work on a pot farm in Colorado. That was in April last year, and Schwab says he has only seen his children three times since then.

Cannabis reportedly has many positive effects for those who are resistant to other treatment options for PTSD. Schwab had arranged for a transfer in his job at the Dept. of Veterans affairs from Kansas to Colorado where he would be able to legally consume and dispense of home grown medicinal cannabis.

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