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Photo Credit: Ugonma Ubani-Ebere
Photo Credit: Ugonma Ubani-Ebere

NYU Journalism Students Allege Racial Profiling At Marco Rubio Rally In New Hampshire

Taisha Henry, Ugonma Ubani-Ebere and their Professor Ybonne Latty – all three of whom are African American – attended a Marco Rubio rally Sunday in Bedford New Hampshire.

The three women had been in New Hampshire since Friday as part of a student/faculty group reporting on the primary for a class project.

As they began to film the event, they immediately attracted the attention of Rubio’s campaign staff.

Instantly upon setting up their cameras, Henry and Uban-Ebere were told by a staffer that they could not film because they did not have the proper press credentials.

Even though they had already put their equipment away, they continued to attract the attention of Rubio’s staff.

“[T]hen they were stared at and then they were approached again and it created this really tense atmosphere,”  Meanwhile, “another student in my class who is a white male had his camera on a tripod on a riser without a press pass.”

The incident left the two students shaken and, eventually, in tears. “It was a really horrible experience. Really horrible,” Latty said. “To be singled out that way while you are standing next to your white classmates. Repeatedly. They weren’t even doing anything.”

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