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Photo Credit: MediaPunch/Rex/Shutterstock

As Super Tuesday Beckons, Trump’s Sexual Assault Allegations Resurface

While Donald Trump is busy attempting to put the race for the Republican nomination completely out of reach at next week’s Super Tuesday contests, old allegations have resurfaced that he sexually assaulted and attempted to rape a woman in the early 1990s.

As first reported by the Guardian, Jill Harth alleged in a 1997 federal lawsuit for $125m that Trump touched her intimately without consent after her boyfriend George Houraney went into business with him, leaving her “emotionally devastated and distraught.”

The lawsuit was dropped in Manhattan the following month, suspiciously coinciding with a different legal dispute between Trump and Harth’s boyfriend over an alleged breach of contract relating to their beauty pageant venture. At the time, Trump claimed that her allegations of sexual assault and attempted rape were aimed at pressuring him to settle the other dispute, which he reportedly did for a six-figure sum later in the year.

Via The Guardian:

On Wednesday, Trump’s counsel Michael Cohen told a reporter for Mail Online that there was “no truth” to the lawsuit’s allegations. “The plaintiff in the matter … would acknowledge the same,” Cohen was quoted as saying.

Yet when asked by the Guardian whether she stood by the allegations detailed in the lawsuit, the woman said in a text message: “Yes.” The woman, now a successful makeup artist in New York, declined to discuss the allegations in detail.

Cohen and a spokeswoman for Trump’s campaign did not respond to several requests from the Guardian for comment.

The copy of the 1997 lawsuit, buried deep in a federal archive warehouse in Missouri, was recently obtained exclusively by Law Newz, and in it details claims that Trump engaged in hostile and offensive sexual behavior towards her from 1992-1997, including “groping” under her dress on several occasions,
forcibly moving her to his daughter Ivanka’s bedroom in an attempt to have sex with her, and “repeatedly propositioning her for sex.”

After Trump business associates left, the defendant (Trump) over the plaintiff’s objections forcibly prevented plaintiff from leaving and forcibly removed plaintiff to a bedroom, whereupon defendant (Trump) subjected plaintiff to defendant’s unwanted sexual advances, which included touching of plaintiff’s private parts in an act constituting attempted “rape”


Harth’s professional relationship with Trump began when Houraney and Trump became partners in the American Dream Festival, a beauty pageant and other competitions. During the first meeting over the business venture, Harth details, Trump asked Houraney, “Are you sleeping with her?”

At a later point before engaging Harth physically, Trump allegedly said to Houraney, “You know, there’s going to be a problem. I’m very attracted to your girlfriend.”

The first assault was alleged to have occurred at a dinner meeting on December 12, 1992, where bizarrely despite being in a relationship with Houraney she was introduced by Trump to associates as his “new girlfriend.” During the following month, specifically at a party at his Palm Beach estate, Trump placed his hand “up her thigh,” before escalating things during the forced encounter later in January.

Additionally, Harth alleges that Trump used the American Dream Festival as a vehicle for seeking sex from beautiful women. Repeatedly referring to women publicly as “sex objects” and “great pieces of ass” Trump asked Harth to provide him access to a 17 year Czech contestant.

Spokespeople for Trump’s campaign have declined to comment on these allegations, and the only public comment that Trump had at the time regarding Harth’s lawsuit was that it was “a desperate attempt to get me to settle.”

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