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Photo Credit: Nottingham Police
Photo Credit: Nottingham Police

New Hampshire Rep. Kyle Lasker Arrested On Drug Possession Charges, Intent To Commit Felonious Sexual Assault With Underage Girl

A New Hampshire Republican lawmaker is behind bars after he was arrested over allegations that he tried to lure a 14-year old girl for sex and possessed a stash of drugs he intended to distribute.

Kyle Tasker, 30, was arraigned Wednesday in Candia Circuit Court on four felony charges after he was arrested by authorities Tuesday when he allegedly showed up in Nottingham, NH to meet the underage girl for a sexual encounter.

Tasker additionally faces three felony drug charges which accuse him of possessing marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and the pharmaceutical drug Suboxone with the intent to sell.

According to the affidavit, Tasker sent the underage girl sexually explicit video and images via Facebook Messenger.

At one point via Messenger he asked how old she was and she responded saying that she was 14, to which Tasker is alleged to have responded “This is how guys my age get into trouble.”

New Hampshire Lawmaker Kyle Tasker Photo Credit: Daily Kos
New Hampshire Lawmaker Kyle Tasker.  Photo Credit: Daily Kos

Tasker is a third-term Republican lawmaker from Rockingham District 2 and, incredulously enough, serves on the House Committee on Children and Family Law.

“It makes no difference who they are in life,” Nottingham Police Chief Gunnar Foss said. “They need to be held accountable to the law.”

Nottingham police began their investigation in January when the mother of the 14-year old girl in question told police that Tasker had friended her daughter on Facebook, sending several inappropriate private messages in recent months.

In addition to asking the young girl her age, Tasker also said he could get her alcohol or marijuana anytime she wanted it, according to the affidavit.

After the complaints were filed with the police, Nottingham officers setup an undercover operation where an officer posed as the girl, and redirected Tasker to another messaging site called Telegram.

From here, Tasker began messaging her about producing hallucinogenic brownies called “blue honey.” Things escalated quickly with the undercover officer, and Tasker continued to talk increasingly of more drug use mixed sexual with sexual connotations.

They then agreed to meet Tuesday in a beach area off Lucas Pond Road, and was promptly arrested by authorities when he arrived. A search of his vehicle found a loaded semi-automatic handgun in the glove compartment, marijuana and glass pipes in the vehicle’s console, and a bottle of alcohol on the floor.

Tasker previously made headlines for dropping his gun on the floor of the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee hearing room during his freshman year.

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