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Credit: Reuters
Credit: Reuters

Watch: Trump Continues To Defend Assault, Stumbles When Asked If It’s Ok For A “Man To Put A Hand On A Woman”

Speaking to John Dickerson on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation,’ Trump reiterates that he won’t be firing Corey Lewandowski for assaulting Michelle Fields 

When asked about violence towards women, offers half-hearted condemnation eerily reminiscent to his “disavowing” of endorsements from white supremacists/neo-nazis 

Donald Trump speaks to John Dickerson in CBS' 'Face The Nation'
Donald Trump speaks to John Dickerson in CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’

Donald Trump’s problems with women seem to only be getting worse by the day.

Less than a week removed both from calling on the punishment of women seeking an abortion (he later revised his position multiple times) AND his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski being charged with assaulting former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, new polls show anywhere from 67-74% of registered female voters nationwide having unfavorable opinions of the GOP front-runner, further complicating his potential path to the White House in November.

However, in the wake of these irrefutable divisions his campaign continues to consciously draw, it would appear that Trump has no intentions of admitting flaws, mistakes, or oversights in general when it comes to his candidacy. Speaking to John Dickerson on CBS’ Face The Nation, Trump covered a wide range of issues, from global policy to the supposed “discrimination” he faces from the Republican Party’s establishment figures.

His most despicable comments, however, was reserved for his comments surrounding his campaign manager’s assault of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Lewandowski was officially charged last Tuesday with assault, after months of claiming the event never happened and daring Fields to formally file charges.

When asked why he refused to fire or even condemn Lewandowski’s assault of Fields, despite it being verified on video, Trump’s merely responded, “I don’t want to ruin a man’s life over a tape,” before proceeding to question yet again if it actually happened.

When John Dickerson responded by asking the GOP front-runner if it was “ok for a man to put his hands on a woman” Trump offered a minor condemnation eerily reminiscent of his halfhearted condemnation in regards to David Duke’s endorsement of his candidacy.

See the full video below for Trump’s comments on Lewandowski, reproductive rights, and assault.

Your 2016 GOP front-runner, America.

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