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Photo Credit: Think Progress/Youtube
Photo Credit: Think Progress/Youtube

Trump’s America: Disturbing New Ad For Congressional Candidate Mike Pape Oozes Xenophobia

New TV ad advocating for Kentucky Republican seeking first Congressional district filled with ugly stereotypes about Latino immigrants simply entitled “Stop”

Kentucky Congressional candidate Mike Pape. Credit: Kentuckynewera.com
Kentucky Congressional candidate Mike Pape.
Credit: Kentuckynewera.com

Mike Pape is a Republican running for a congressional seat in Kentucky’s first district. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump’s nativist, anti-immigration ideology and has presented himself as a candidate who can “help Trump build the wall.”

On Wednesday, he released what is already being widely considered to be the most classless advertisement from any politician in the 2016 election cycle, and it offers a disturbing window into the potential future of the Republican party under a Trump administration.

The ad features three men, presumably undocumented immigrants equipped with huge Mario Brothers-esque mustaches, fake accents, and myriad of other ugly stereotypes about Latino immigrants.

Each of the actors playing undocumented immigrants are wearing “Stop Trump,” “Stop Cruz,” and “Stop Mike Pape” shirts, respectively. The district that Mike Pape is seeking to represent cast over 75% of their votes in Kentucky’s primary in favor of Trump or Cruz, so Pape is clearly looking to capitalize on the xenophobic rhetoric that has come to define major portions of the 2016 GOP primary cycle.

One of the men begins by saying “Once through, we’ll stop Donald Trump!” and another man responds back “Si! And Ted Cruz, too!”  The ad is then directed towards the candidate, with the third person suggesting they stop “Senor Mike Pape.”

The other two men don’t know who Mike Pape is – despite presumably traveling together through the entirety of their third friend donning his “Stop Mike Pape” shirt – but once they realize he’s going to “help Trump build the wall” and “repeal Obamacare,” they say together, “We must stop Mike Pape!”

Here is the full ad:

Pape has made national security and repealing the Affordable Care Act – despite being wholly unrelated – the focal points of his campaign.

“We’re living in tough times,” Pape said last autumn, “so we must be tough. We also must be smart and principles. When ISIS can walk right across our southern border, do you think we’re safe?”

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