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Photo Credit: Raw Story
Photo Credit: Raw Story

Cruz Drops Out Of Race For President, Let’s Revisit All Of The Horrific Things He Proposed

Let’s have fun looking at all the terrifying things he’s said now that we won’t be subjected to them!

Presidential hopeful and all-star creep Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 race for presidency on Tuesday night, leaving Donald Trump as the last remaining contender for nomination in the Republican primaries.


To those bemoaning Cruz’s drop out, look, it’s understandable. We’re living in a bizarre Wonderland of a Presidential race, in which down is up and up is down, establishment is anti-establishment and vice versa.

Trust this, though–Ted Cruz is the worst of two evils. Let that sink in for a second.

Not to give him too much to be proud of, but we nonetheless just dodged a candidate who could have done massive, actual damage had he won the primaries, and, later, been a serious contender for presidency.

To be clear: Donald Trump doesn’t solidly believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He is still terrifying, undeniably, and must be defeated. Nonetheless, that paints a stark contrast with Cruz, an ideologue, who believes every last word and believes it with vigor.

Now that he’s off somewhere in solitude, hopefully kicking himself over a basic lack of basketball jargon, let’s take a trip through memory lane at all of the truly frightening things Senator Cruz has uttered over the past year, and temporarily reward ourselves over his ousting before turning our attention towards Trump.

He believes all abortion should be illegal, including cases in which women would be forced to bear the children of their rapists.

He believes gay rights are a crisis that he promises voters he will address.

His plan for immigrants, as severe if not moreso than Trump’s, vows to “deport all illegals,” including young children.

He literally sat with a disabled man’s family and argued against the funding that saved the man’s life.

Oh, and unsurprisingly, he called movements for racial justice and the eradication of racism a “celebration of the murder of police.”

This man was not the lesser of two evils.
He was just, well, evil.
Again, Trump must be defeated. This is not in question. But before we address his demise, let’s momentarily celebrate that Ted Cruz will not be getting anywhere near the Oval Office.

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  1. Paul Ciminello

    You highlight the clear difference between an ideologue (Cruz) and a pragmatist (Trump) and I have to agree with you, if forced to choose I would (holding my nose) choose Trump. What is unsaid is that Cruz returns to being the obstructionist Senator who contributed a disproportionate share of gridlock in the agonizingly long three years that he has been in power. Now he returns with a vengeance. Definitely not looking forward to that future.