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Photo Credit: Actionsnewsjax.com
Photo Credit: Actionsnewsjax.com

Pro-Gun Florida Mom Shot In Back By 4 Year Old Son While Driving After Leaving Loaded Weapon In The Backseat

A toddler accidentally shot his mother in the back in Putnam County, Florida, as she drove down a highway Tuesday afternoon, 24 hours after bragging about her toddler’s shooting skills.

Jamie Gilt, 31, who posts regularly posts about firearms, gun enthusiasm, and various other 2-amendment related content on her social media accounts was driving through Jacksonville when she was wounded after the toddler picked up the weapon and shot her in the back.

It comes just a day after she said her son would get ‘jacked up’ before a shooting practice on a Facebook page dedicated to promoting 2 Amendment rights and firearm enthusiasm.

On the profile ‘Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense’ she wrote: ‘Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22’

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

“My right to protect my child with my gun trumps your fear of my gun,” she declared in a Feb 13 post.

According to Gilt, she was on her way to pick up a horse when her four-year old son picked up a loaded .45 semi-automatic handgun from the back seat, pointed it towards his mother and pulled the trigger. A single round fired passed through Gilt’s body.

Deputies recovered a .45 semi-automatic handgun from the floor of the truck, and are reportedly satisfied that the round was fired from inside the vehicle.

The gun was legally owned by Gilt, officials said in a statement Wednesday. She has not been charged, but the investigation is ongoing.

“Florida Statute makes it a misdemeanor for a person to store or leave, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm in such a manner that it is likely a child can gain access to the firearm,” officials said in the statement, adding that they will not file any charges before they get a chance to speak with the victim.

She was taken to UF Health and is now in stable condition, according to deputies. The 4-year-old is now with family members.

In addition to her enthusiasm for firearms, she is also reportedly an avid supporter of Ted Cruz.

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