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Bill O'Reilly Credit: Fox News Screengrab
Bill O'Reilly Credit: Fox News Screengrab

Two Prominent Fox News Hosts Just Called For Reinstating Assault Weapons Ban In 24 Hours

Bill O’Reilly now joining growing chorus of conservatives demanding common sense change.


Gretchen Carlson Credit: Fox News Screengrab
Gretchen Carlson Credit: Fox News Screengrab

Doth your eyes deceive you, dear reader?

Did a second Fox News host just call for common sense gun regulation reforming how disturbingly easy it is to buy high powered semi-automatic rifles?

No, no they don’t, and yes, two of them just did.

Following the Orlando Terror Attacks, which claimed 49 people and wounded another 53 at Pulse Nightclub, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson surprised viewers on the notably conservative station by calling for a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004 as a result of 10 year terms signed into office under the Clinton Administration.

Pointing out a recent Quinnipiac poll which found 58 percent of Americans in support of reinstating the ban, she said “There’s no doubt Omar Mateen was able to kill so many people because he was firing an AR-15, a military-style assault weapon, a weapon easier to buy in the state of Florida than buying a handgun.

“Do we need AR-15s to hunt and kill deer?” she continued. “Do we need them to protect our families? I’m in favor of people being able to carry. I think some of these mass shootings would have been less deadly if that were the case. But I’m also with the majority today, taking a stand. Can’t we hold true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sens”

As though that weren’t surprising enough, later that evening Bill O’Reilly – the staunchly conservative evening host – had some thoughts of his own.

Casting blame on conservatives for repeatedly holding up common sense legislation that would have limited the killer’s ability to buy the weapons he used, O’Reilly said “There is too much gun crime in the USA, and high powered weaponry is too easy to get. That’s the fact. So let’s deal with it. We all have the right to bear arms, but we don’t have the right to  buy and maintain mortars – even if you feel threatened by gangsters or a New World Order. No bazookas, no Sherman tanks, no hand grenades.”

That’s because the Second Amendment clearly states that the government has a right to regulate militias, made up of individuals,” O’Reilly continued. “They have that right in the name of public safety. New laws are definitely needed in the age of terrorism and mass murder. The FBI and other federal agencies need the power to stop suspected terrorists or other evil doers from buying weapons.”

While not explicitly supporting a reinstatement of the ban, O’Reilly said that the new laws restricting gun sales and ownership should be precisely written, including the mandatory reporting of “heavy weapons.”

“Gun dealers all across America should be required to report the sale of certain kinds of guns – heavy weapons directly to the FBI,” O’Reilly said. “Not handguns, not talking about that, but other weaspons that would be defined by Congress. That is a sane approach, and would make it a lot tougher for the Omar Mateens of the world to get the weaponry to kill.”

At long last, signs of common sense from the right.  Watch the full clip via Fox News.

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