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CHINA - JUNE 11:  The tanks on Tiananmen Square in Beijing China on June 11, 1989.  (Photo by Chip HIRES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
CHINA - JUNE 11: The tanks on Tiananmen Square in Beijing China on June 11, 1989. (Photo by Chip HIRES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Chinese Government Condemns Trumps Rhetoric. Says It Opens “Pandora’s Box In US”

“His job was basically to act as a clown to attract more voters’ attention to the GOP”

Calls Trumps campaign and rhetoric “abusively racist and extremist”


A popular talking point throughout Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign has been his talk of being an “expert negotiator” and his ability to apply these skills towards more favorable international trade agreements, ultimately benefiting the American people.

He has spoken at length about how he will leverage a deficit with Mexico to force them to pay for the wall he wants to build on the country’s southern border.

His second most popular target is China, where he has touted his ability to negotiate more profitable trade deals for the US based on holding the Chinese accountable for allegedly devaluing their currency.  While this complaint is not unique – the US and other governments have been bringing these allegations up for years – it is been objectively proven to significantly less true by leading global economists in recent years.

But those arguments have been undermined by two key developments: For most of the past decade, the yuan has strengthened against the dollar, gaining nearly 19% since 2006. When it started to weaken again as China relaxed its control of the currency and the economy slowed, Beijing used its massive firepower to try to stop it falling too far.

Taken together, they make Trump’s argument sound a little stale.

“Arguments about China forcing [the yuan] down for competitive reasons had merit in the past, but I don’t really think they do now,” said Brian Jackson, a China economist at research firm IHS.

The added irony in choosing China and Mexico as evidence of his business and macroeconomic acumen, of course,  is that they are the two countries most chiefly responsible for the manufacturing imports of Trump’s products, including his signature suits, ties, shirts and cufflinks sold at Macy’s nationwide. So while he pompously touts his ability to force Apple to manufacture their iPhones in America – something that a consensus of macroeconomic and global policy experts agree as being a complete impossibility –  he has no problem profiting off sweatshop labor.

An appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman the week before the 2012 Presidential Election exposed much of his delusional false patriotism.

Given these extraordinarily obvious hypocrisy, for much of this election cycle the Chinese Government has elected not to make official comments on the Trump campaign, treating it as nothing more than a charade, albeit a dangerous one. In September, they commented that they were more concerned about the official US/China relationship, and not the words of the GOP candidate.

On the eve of Trump’s resounding victories in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri, their reactions have dramatically changed.

An editorial published in the Global Times – one of the largest media outlets in China and state-owned by  its government – aggressively condemns the GOP front-runner’s campaign as being “abusively racist and extremist, which has left an impression on the US public that he is intentionally overthrowing political correctness.”

The rise of Trump has opened a Pandora’s box in US society. Trump’s supporters are mostly lower-class whites, and they lost a lot after the 2008 financial crisis. The US used to have the largest and most stable middle class in the Western world, but many are going down.

That’s when Trump emerged. Big-mouthed, anti-traditional, abusively forthright, he is a perfect populist that could easily provoke the public. Despite candidates’ promises, Americans know elections cannot really change their lives. Then, why not support Trump and vent their spleen?

The rise of a racist in the US political arena worries the whole world. Usually, the tempo of the evolution of US politics can be predicted, while Trump’s ascent indicates all possibilities and unpredictability. He has even been called another Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler by some Western media.

The editorial then moves to warn its citizens and readers worldwide that Mussolini and Hitler came to power under similar circumstances, and that economic hardships stoked with ethno-nationalism masking as American patriotism could potentially produce the same brand of authoritarianism.

In last week’s debate, Trump appeared to support authoritarian measures when he said that the Chinese government had a “strong, powerful” response to the Tiananmen Square protests that “kept down the riot.” He then additionally called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “strong leader.”

While the editorial does close by noting that “most analysts believe the US election system will stop Trump from being president eventually” it nonetheless represents a troubling moment which could effect global stability.

Even if Trump is simply a false alarm, the impact has already left a dent. The US faces the prospect of an institutional failure, which might be triggered by a growing mass of real-life problems.

The US had better watch itself for not being a source of destructive forces against world peace, more than pointing fingers at other countries for their so-called nationalism and tyranny.

Injustice.in, while certainly not standing in support of the Chinese government deplorable record on human rights, acknowledges and agrees with their editorial condemning the inflammatory, xenophobic, racist, and patently false rhetoric we have repeatedly seen throughout the Trump campaign.

As they and many others have noted around the world, even when Trump is eventually defeated, the deep divide that he has gleefully exposed will continue to wreak undue havoc on American and International politics.

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