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Photo Credit: NY Daily News
Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Four Muslim-Americans From Brooklyn Kicked Off Flight For ‘Looking Too Muslim’

A flight attendant removed four Muslim-Americans from Brooklyn off a flight from Toronto-New York, supposedly for ‘looking too Muslim.’ The men in question are now seeking 9 million dollars in damages.

Via NY Daily News:

The four fliers from Brighton Beach were among six longtime pals who spent several days in Toronto this December.

They had originally booked different flights home, but later decided to return on the same 2 p.m. American Airlines flight.

Two of the pals, Shan Anand and Faimul Alam, paid $75 to switch to the flight that two others — who are comfortable being identified only by their initials, W.H. and M.K. — had already booked.

W.H. and M.K. also changed their booking before boarding, paying $70 for an upgrade to business class. They were assigned seats in the first and third row, respectively.

Anand and Alam said they switched seats with strangers after boarding, so they could sit next to each other.

Several minutes later, a white female flight attendant asked W.H. to get off the plane, the lawsuit, which will be filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court, alleges.

With the anti-Islamic rhetoric that has been notably on the rise in recent months, it is hardly surprising (yet nonetheless disappointing) to see multi-national airlines engaging in these forms of overt discrimination.

Full Story – NY Daily News

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