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Credit: LGBTQ Nation
Credit: LGBTQ Nation

Anti Gay Activist Says “Swat Teams Must Raid The Homes Of Gay Couples And Seize The Children’

Last week, noted homophobe Theodore Shoebat posted a video claiming that “all dykes are criminals” and that SWAT teams must begin raiding the homes of gay parents in order to seize their children, presumably to “de-gay them.”

Via lgbtqnation:

Beside himself with rage over reports about a lesbian couple accused of child abuse, Shoebat spends roughly half an hour angrily screeching about how all gays are inherently criminals or cat burglars or something. Bottom line? “The state” needs to prosecute them.

“Dykes are criminals. Two dykes that are supposedly married, that’s not marriage, that’s a criminal partnership. That’s an agreement between two criminals. We’re gonna commit this crime, we’re going to corrupt children, we are going to take the natural order and tell people to disobey it, we are going to cause a revolution against the natural order that God designed … That’s what these dykes are, they’re just pure criminals. They’re rebels. This is a revolution. We’re not seeing love, we’re not seeing marriage, we’re seeing a revolution.”

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