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Photo Credit: Dailymail.co.uk
Photo Credit: Dailymail.co.uk

Black Teen 16, Dies ‘Suspiciously’ In Her Cell Day After Staff Restraint

On January 11, 2016 Gynnya McMillen, a 16 year old African-American girl from Shelbyville, KY being detained on misdemeanor assault charges was found dead in her holding cell at the Lincoln Village Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Elizabethtown, KY.


There is great reason to be skeptical to the cause of her death as it was later discovered through an investigation that McMillen was retrained by a staff member at the facility using a martial arts technique called an “Aikido Restraint” because she refused to remove her sweatshirt to be photographed and booked into the facility.

The “Aikido Restraint” is used by martial artists for grappling and joint-locking.

According to New York Daily News:

Gynnya McMillen, 16, was found “cold” and not breathing in her cell at Elizabethtown’s Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention when a deputy arrived to take her to her Jan. 11 court date.

Jail staffers first called 911 nine minutes after the deputy arrived — and waited another two to start CPR, according to emergency dispatch recordings obtained by CBS.

The juvie staffers only started the resuscitation procedures after the emergency dispatcher asked.

“They want us to start CPR,” a jail nurse is heard saying to someone at the facility.

“Do y’all have a CPR protocol or do y’all need it?” the dispatcher asked about 10 seconds later

“I’m new,” she said. “I can find out. I don’t know.”

The detention center originally said that the teen had died in her sleep, but recently told the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting that a restraint had been applied to her during an incident the day before.

Here is the recordings of the 911 call made from the facility:

An initial autopsy was conducted Jan. 12 by Hardin County Coroner William Lee Jr., who said he saw no “visual bruising, that could conclusively signal a cause of death.” He added that he doubted she had a heart condition, and that “the full results wouldn’t be available for weeks, until after pathology tests were done.”

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