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Pastor Willie Lee Bell Jr.

Credit: Fox News 4 Screenshot
Pastor Willie Lee Bell Jr. Credit: Fox News 4 Screenshot

Texas Youth Pastor Beaten By Witnesses Catching Him Molesting A Kindergartner

Police arrest children’s minister Willie Lee Bell Jr, 29, at First United Church of Cedar Hill as he’s caught in the act of molesting a 6-year old

Witnesses beat a Texas youth pastor caught in the act of sexually a 6-year old boy he lured behind an apartment building before police arrived on the scene to apprehend the suspect.

As first reported by Fox News 4, police arrested Willie Lee Bell Jr., a 29 year old children’s minister at the First United Methodist Church in Cedar Hill, after he was caught molesting a 6-year old male kindergartner.

Tragically, according to the news station, Bell’s recent arrest was not the first time the youth pastor has been charged with sexual assault this year; he’s currently facing two charges of sexually assaulting two young boys at a Dallas apartment in February.

At the time, the two boys reportedly told police that they were abused behind an apartment complex, saying Bell was wearing “church shoes” and instructed them to come with him.  Absurdly enough, despite those preexisting (and publicly available) charges, Bell continued working around children at the church until Thursday’s arrest.

“It’s painful. It’s devastating. It’s a nightmare,” said the mother of the most recent victim, who did not want to be identified. She added that she, her son or her extended do not know Bell, and that her son was outside playing when Bell lured him behind an apartment building.

When bystanders noticed Bell and the child behind the building, they attacked him and called the police.

“If it wasn’t for him, he probably would have done more to my child,” said the victim’s mother.

For their part, the United Methodist Church of North Texas said in a statement that it has no knowledge of any criminal acts happening on the church grounds, and that it is doing everything it can in cooperation with the police investigation.

Additionally, the principal at the local Bray Elementary in Cedar Hill also sent emails to parents, notifying that Bell had been inside the school to meet with the administration about setting up a youth mentoring program.

Court records found by Fox4 show that Bell was also previously accused of showing pornographic videos to a child in Tennessee.

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