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Donald Trump Endorsed By War Criminal Being Tried For Genocide Against Muslims


Prepare yourself ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump has just landed another yuuuuuuuuge endorsement. This time, it comes from Vojislav Seselj, the former Serbian Deputy Prime Minister presently awaiting a verdict from the International Criminal Court regarding his role in organizing crimes of genocide against Serbian Muslims. Via Occupy Democrats: “I …

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Trump Supporter Hangs ‘N****r Obama’ Poster In Window On MLK Day, Admits It’s ‘A Little Racist’

Steve Bowman (WOWT/Screenshot)

A Donald Trump supporter in Omaha, NE displaying a poster in his window on MLK Day that said ‘N****r Obama’ was confronted by an African American reporter, admitting the sign is ‘a little racist.’ Via Raw Story: WOWT reporter John Chapman interviewed Steve Bowman, a white man living in northeast Omaha, on …

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Time-warp? GOP’s Rhetoric On Race and Diversity Hearkens Back To 1964, Further Isolates Them In A Changing America


Time and again, we’ve heard prominent members of the GOP make racially charged comments when discussing crime, gun violence, immigration, and social policies. We roll our eyes, we laugh, we look the other way, or most typically, we subvert a combination of all three. It’s the GOP’s awkward elephant (pun …

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Donald Trump’s campaign is eerily similar to George Wallace’s, analysis finds


“On “The Rachel Maddow Show” Tuesday evening, host Rachel Maddow played clips from the 1968 presidential campaign of George Wallace, the pro-segregation Alabama populist, and asked her viewers to “close [their] eyes and just listen to the news reports from that election — it’s almost like they’re talking about Donald …

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