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Addicting Info: SIX Republican Lawmakers Have Quietly Met With The Bundy Militia In Oregon

Credit: Slate

The same Republicans who have no problem blasting President Obama for being ‘divisive’ and ‘soft’ on terrorism have met/negotiated with domestic terrorists.  Should we really be surprised at this point? Via Addicting Info:  When Cliven Bundy was engaged in an armed standoff against federal authorities in 2014 on his Nevada ranch, …

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Oregon Sheriff Shakes Ammon Bundy’s Hand Instead Of Shooting Him


On Thursday, Harney County, Oregon Sheriff Dave Ward met Ammon Bundy in a remote area near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Bundy has been leading an illegal armed occupation of a federal building for almost a week. But Ward greeted Bundy with a firm handshake instead of handcuffs. Full Story …

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