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Little To No Progress – 50 Years After Civil Rights Movement, The Median White Family Is Worth 70 Times The Median Black Family

Photo Credit: Antonio Moore/Huffington Post

2015 was, by some definitions, a historic year for race relations in the United States. On one end of the spectrum, Black Lives Matter firmly established itself unequivocally as much more than a hashtag, but an organized and determined struggle to stop police terror and inequality. From the opposite side, …

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VIDEO: Protestors block traffic from Bay Bridge into SF in Anti-Police Terror protest


Video footage shows protestors chaining their cars to the Bay Bridge to block westbound traffic into San Francisco.  They have a banner  reading “Black Health Matters” and have built a shrine to the victims of police shootings.  Another protest group currently blocks an I-80 onramp. KTVU reports: “Police have begun …

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#ReclaimMLK: Fox News Tells Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece That Her Uncle Would Feel Bad About ‘The War On Police’

Photo Credit: Raw Story

Well, file this one under the outlandish and bizarre, even for Fox News Networks. Speaking to Alveda King – the niece of MLK well known for her conservative views – the co-hosts of Fox and Friends suggested that the recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations scheduled throughout the country had turned the …

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Scenes From #ReclaimMLK

Photo Credit: Truthout.org

"We Shall Overcome": funeral procession for racism, poverty, imperialism, gentrification #ReclaimMLK @BLM_Boston pic.twitter.com/UCuT7Kc5LT — Liza Behrendt (@lizaveta9) January 18, 2016 Via Truthout.org: Increasingly, there are calls to “Reclaim King” as a radical. It is true that his assertion of Black peoples’ right to life, dignity and reparations was revolutionary.He recognized the …

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