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What is a “complementarian” and why are women concerned about Marco Rubio’s new advisor?

Sen. Marco Rubio (Scott Olson, Getty Images)

Last week Marco Rubio announced the formation of a new religious liberty advisory board in his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.  Among the fifteen members, Wayne Grudem stands out as the leader of “complementarianism,” a movement he created. Slate: “Within American evangelicalism, there are two broad camps when it …

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Scott Walker on Steven Avery case: “I have made it my practice for the last five years to not issue pardons”


The subject of Netflix’s wildly popular Making A Murderer does not stand a chance to be pardoned. “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said over the weekend that he would never pardon Steven Avery — or anyone else for that matter — because it would “undermine” the criminal justice system.” —Full …

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