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Photo Credit: KTSU-TV
Photo Credit: KTSU-TV

Utah Man Armed And Caught Threatening To Shoot At McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Local authorities in Murray, Utah are trying to identify an unnamed man shown waving a gun and making threats against a nearby McDonald.

As first reported by KTSU-TV, footage recorded from a bystanders phone shows an employee punching the window of the man’s car after having an argument. Following the initial encounter, the man parks in front of the McDonalds, gets out of his vehicle and walks toward the drive-thru pointing the gun, presumably at the other person involved in the altercation.

The employee involved in the altercation was identified by a fellow coworker as “Spikes.”  As the argument escalates, the man can be heard screaming “I don’t need this” before dropping the gun on the ground.

He then left shortly thereafter. Authorities say they have the license plate number from the suspect’s vehicle and they are investigating the incident. Thus far, no arrests have been made.

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