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Photo Credit: vh1.com
Photo Credit: vh1.com

“Walk Your B***h” Challenge Video Is Not Just Offensive To Women, It’s Offensive To Everybody

It may be 2016, but to some men that simply means it’s a fresh take at treating women like animals.

A recent video posted to youtube shows a black man ‘walking’ a white woman around a mall in a mask while she is chained to a leash. The man has her feed him and answer to his commands and can then be heard saying “funny as hell” on the audio.

In response to the original video, and seemingly inspired by it, the rapper Stitches is then shown engaging in the same behavior.

Via VH1

Because the Internet is full of ignorant idiots waiting to make us even more nauseated, this argument from a man behind the so-called MEET Magazine was posted to YouTube last week. He doesn’t see Stitches’ action as misogynistic, but as a fair power play, saying: “It’s been said for years, all men are dogs. Even men call women a dog or a bitch, people have such a huge issue with it… A lot of women are bitches. And a lot of women are dogs.” Sure, even women call themselves bitches. But because a man doesn’t like something a woman says or does, it makes it OK for them to take ownership and put them on a leash? I don’t see women who get hurt, abused or cheated on putting these “dogs” on leashes, so take all of the seats that ever existed, please.

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