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Credit: Saul Loeb/ AFP
Credit: Saul Loeb/ AFP

More Trouble In Georgia Prisons: Three Women Accuse Former Guard Of Repeated Rapes

Days after Georgia correctional officers gained national attention as the FBI arrest 46 of them for corruption in the drug trade, three women have gone public with a civil suit against Captain Edgar Daniel Johnson, the former supervisor at a medium-security women’s prison.  Captain Johnson has made headlines for allegedly raping the three women repeatedly as they were inmates at Emanuel Women’s Facility in Swainsboro, Georgia.  Now the state is under scrutiny for civil rights violations.  The plaintiffs have asked other women to come forward.

Johnson’s accusers say that he used his position of power to intimidate and sexually abuse them over the course of several years.  They claim that the other state correctional officers turned a blind eye to the crimes of their supervisor, maintaining that other correctional officers were aware and did nothing to protect them from harm and abuse.

One of the plaintiffs, Casey Mincey, 35, came forward in a press conference and allowed her name to be used in connection with the lawsuit in hopes that other women will be inspired by her bravery to come forward.  Mincey, who was serving a sentence for identity fraud, says she was raped by Johnson six times between 2013 and 2015.  The other victims were also serving sentences for non-violent crimes.

  “Johnson used his status at the prison to intimidate and threaten Ms. Mincey [and the two other women] in order to forcibly coerce them into engaging in sexual acts with him,” the suit said. He “engaged in repeated incidents of sexual assault and harassment against Plaintiffs and numerous other female inmates, including sexual intercourse, inappropriate touching, threats of prolonging their sentences, threats of denying their parole, and threats of keeping them from seeing their children.”

He also “engaged in sexual assaults, including sexual penetration, against Plaintiffs, over the course of their respective periods of incarceration, all of which took place in his office at Emanuel,” the court document continued.

According to the lawsuit, women did submit formal complaints against Johnson; however, his subordinates forwarded them directly to him.  Johnson allegedly forced inmates to shred or tear up these documents.

Mincey and at least one other woman have been undergoing mental health treatment for depression since the assaults.

Johnson was fired in April 2015 and arrested in May for the rapes as complaints finally made their way to his superiors. His case is expected to reach a grand jury in April 2016.

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