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Christian Blogger Matt Walsh Says Pro-Choice Women ‘Need To Be Reminded’ That Men Are ‘Supposed To Be Leaders’ On Abortion

Matt Walsh, a controversial yet extremely popular Christian blogger for The Blaze, confidently explained this week that pro-choice women “need to be reminded” that men were “supposed” to be the leaders when it comes to abortion.

Because, you know, patriarchy. Duh.

Walsh complained that many women “actually think abortion is a women’s issues – and one which men are somehow disqualified from discussing.”

Lord forgive me, I went off on my own and generated a point of view that, it turns out, directly defies the established orthodoxy. And, not satisfied to keep my rogue man-opinions to my man-self, I’ve gotten into the nasty habit of telling people about them. I might have gotten away with my man-thought crimes had I just kept my man-mouth shut, but it’s too late at this point.

Now, every time I mention abortion, I’m reminded by pro-abortion women that I have no right to contribute to the discussion due to my shameful lack of a vagina. “You’re a man,” they observe as they pat themselves on the back for so effectively disproving everything I just said. This is an “argument” I hear probably 97,000 times a year, and one I heard another 1,000 times last week when I gave my thoughts on the historic abortion case now being considered by the Supreme Court.

At this point, Walsh then proceeds to bullet a list of reasons why men have a “duty not just to their own children, but to society generally” to be legislating a women’s body.

They are as follows:

The Truth Is Not Subject To Your Genitals

No Woman Ever Reproduced Without The Indispensable Assistance Of A Man

Men Are Duty Bound To Oppose Abortion

Wow, great insights Matt!

Matt Walsh Photo Credit: The Blaze
Matt Walsh
Photo Credit: The Blaze

Just to recap, because moral compasses AND genitalia exist in both men and women, because women need sperm to get pregnant, and because additionally a dominant majority of women identify as pro-choice, men somehow are “obligated” to make women know who’s boss by opposing this.

Outside of the blatant lunacy and objective falsehood in that statement, I find it deliciously ironic that Walsh’s 3rd argument – seemingly the most important as the final talking point – directly contradicts his 1st argument, that being the self-righteous point of truth and morality NOT being tied to ones genitalia.

On the one hand, Walsh is telling his male readers that they can come out from the shadows, to not be afraid, and to proudly declare as strong Christian men that their gender plays no role in their opposition to abortion, that is simply morally the objective truth.

He follows that up with somewhat of a band-aid bullet in the second point, simply reminding all of those who slept through Health Class in Middle School that semen, coming from a penis, in fact, is the only way a women can get pregnant.

And lastly, after lecturing us all about moral superiority of an argument which knows no gender,  race, class, or ethnicity, after then pausing in between to remind a women of how she gets pregnant, he then closes with a resoundingly hypocritical “Even though I told you before that truth knows no gender, forget all that I’m telling you as a man you must be against this.”

My opinion on abortion matters because I’m a human being with a conscience and a basic understanding of science. And it matters because I’m a former unborn child who benefited tremendously from not being aborted.

Thanks for clearing up that you weren’t aborted, Matt.

We were all really confused about how you ended up on this planet!

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